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Criminal offences may be heard only in criminal proceedings. Criminal activity of the offender is uncovered in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure by authorities involved in criminal proceedings. Through the authorities involved in criminal proceedings the state realizes its interest on the application of criminal liability in relation to perpetrators of criminal offences.



Authorities involved in criminal proceedings


 Court                       Public prosecutor                   Police authority


Criminal proceeding is a procedure stipulated by the law (Criminal Procedure Code) of authorities involved in criminal proceedings and other entities participating in this procedure. Its aim is to ascertain, whether a crime has been committed, to find its perpetrator and to impose to him a sentence or a protective measure, secure its execution and decide on the claim of the aggrieved person for compensation of damage caused by the criminal offense. The objective of criminal proceedings is also to ensure that no innocent person is prosecuted or convicted.


Actions of other persons are also projected into criminal proceedings. These persons are e.g. the accused person, defense counsel, aggrieved person, witness or expert.

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