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Protection of rights of aggrieved persons

An aggrieved person in criminal proceedings is a person who suffered bodily harm, damage on property or non-material harm, or a person at the expense of which the perpetrator enriched himself by the criminal offense. The aggrieved person may bve granted rights arising out of his position in crimnal proceedings...read more


Protection of children

The law grants special (increased) protection to children, whether it is a child or juvenile as a perpetrator of a crime, or a child as an aggrieved person (victim) of crime. This approach takes into acount the unfinished mental, physical and social development of such persons...read more


Protection of Victims of Crime

The new Act on Victims of Crime has been published in the Collection of Laws...read more



Mediation as a part of the restorative justice concept represents an alternative procedure  aimed at resolution of criminal cases realized outside of the criminal law system...read more

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