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In case the ascertained facts imply that a witness or a person close to him may be in danger to their health or another serious danger of violation of their fundamental rights in connection to giving testimony, and if protection of the witness cannot be reliably secured otherwise, the authorities involved in criminal proceedings will take steps to conceal the identity and appearance of the witness; name, surname and other personal data will not be recorder in the protocol but are kept separately from the criminal file so that only authorities involved in criminal proceedings in the given case may become acquainted with them. The witness will be advised on the right to request concealing his identity and to sign the protocol by a fictional name and surname, under which he will then be filed. If it is necessary to secure protection of these persons, the authorities involved in criminal proceedings will immediately make all necessary arrangements.


Special types of witness protection and persons close to them are stipulated by a special Act. The specific measures to be taken are stipulated in the Act no. 137/2001 Coll., on Special Protection of Witnesses and Other Persons in Relation to Criminal Proceedings.

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